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Titleist Performance InstituteTM

Transform or Improve Your Golf Swing

TPI is a tool that can transform a swing or improve an already great swing to efficiency.  There is not a right or wrong swing due to it being directly correlated with each golfer's bone structure as well as the physicality of that golfer. 


We start with an evaluation of your swing mechanics as well as the biomechanics.  If you are new to the sport, physical fitness will come in to play in the area of controlled function.  If you are a veteran golfer, the physical fitness will play a key role alongside the quality of movement, current health and client history. 


Once the assessment is complete, you will have a plan that is exclusive to your needs.  This could include physical therapy drills and treatment, fitness training, cleanup of biomechanics, coaching of the swing mechanics, mental strategy and nutrition.  Everything is fair game!

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