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Get Performance Ready

I offer a unique approach and treatment of sport injuries but another quality that sets me apart from conventional methods is my full assessment of the athlete, before or after injury.


I analyze your particular performance (your pitch, your swing, your gait, etc.) and gear treatment toward your repetitive motions. Athletes do often come to me because of injury but evaluation of your current movement patterns BEFORE there is pain or injury is far better. I can make sure your movement is functionally sound so you can perform better and avoid injury in the first place.

Meet a Few of My Athletes

Doctor of Chiropractic

Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner

I would likely not have been able to continue in my sport if it hadn't been for Dr. Beavers.
- Lindsay, Ironman triathlete

As a triathlete, I thought my athletic dreams were squashed when I began to have major, debilitating back pain. I began seeing Dr. Beavers and, through her techniques, experienced a dramatic reduction in pain—plus, I finally began to learn about my body’s muscle imbalances and restrictions. She empowers me to participate in my own treatment by assigning corrective movements and stretches that help tremendously. Her approach has facilitated true recovery by getting to the root cause of my pain. I am certain that working with her has prevented injuries as well. I would likely not have continued in my sport had it not been for her incredible practice.

Lindsay, Ironman Triathlete

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