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Part of the Puzzle That Makes You Whole

The musculoskeletal system is a powerful part of the human body and is individually unique.  Every joint will fit together with precision and every muscle fiber has its purpose for the joints it moves. 


The alignment of the body will always be challenged, not only the spine but the joints in the arms and legs as well, which can influence the neural integrity of the body.  A joint stressed will cause a response from the tissue that supports that area.  An adjustment, which is a gentle placement of a bone/joint back into alignment, will keep the additional stresses placed on that area safer and better able to adapt to the stress. 

There are many ways to adjust the joints of the body.  What works for one may not be best for another.  I have several techniques that I use to provide the most appropriate treatment for everyone.  As I assess the bio-mechanical condition of the patient’s spine and musculoskeletal system (or better known as function), I will be able to create a treatment plan that will allow the body to be better coordinated, stronger, efficient, balanced and functionally sound no matter what sport you play, job you work or activity you participate in. 

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